OTMM Bonus Ep. 1

Bonus Series Episode 1

*This is a bonus series episode that takes place elsewhere in the OTMM universe. It occurs between OTMM episodes 8 and 9. It is a bonus to the main plot and is not needed in order to understand the main events.

The night was silent aside from the random reptilians which walked from one hut to the other. The reptilians often roamed from home to home cleaning, doing chores, or otherwise offering entertainment to the Rotundra Elite who patrolled the streets often at the expense of themselves. Kilja took a step toward his window on the second floor of his estate.

“He’s late…” he thought to himself.

He could see a reflection of himself in the window. He would often reach his sharp, narrow claws toward the surface and cut deep gashes in the glass just to see his reptilian servants cringe from the sound. Unfortunately, he thought, there was no servants close enough to give him any pleasure.

The hair atop his head was a bright, unmistakable green. It trailed down his back and almost to the base of his tail—a tail that was as elegant as it was lethal, spanning several feet before coming to a pointy end which was as rigid as sand paper and as coarse as stone. In anticipation, he took a deep breath through his slit nostrils before casting a smoky fog through his snout. It wasn’t long before he finally saw them: Gower and Chomper racing down the trail towards his door.

“Little, peasant, reptiles—barely better than humans.”

The duo scrambled, bumping into one another several times as they hurried their way down the path.
He could hear them panting as they opened the front door down stairs. His ears were keen and his eyes were sharp.

Intently watching, the duo crashed through the doorway and onto the floor. After composing themselves, they bowed low to Overseer Kilja.

Chomper began, “Overseer, we have sent out searches throughout the sands.”

Gower interrupted, “there’s no sign of your brother, my lord. There is a terrible storm that is causing trouble and—“

Kilja took a sudden step forward. The duo hushed.

Standing at his full height, he towered over the small Reptilians. “I want to make myself clear.”
The duo listened intently, each one slightly looking to the floor.

“Tel’dar was given a very important assignment. The diggers who made it back report finding the object. I could honestly care less whether Tel’Dar is alive or covered by the sands of that storm! If he’s alive, problem solved! If he’s dead… if he’s dead, the problem is just beginning.”

Gower opened his mouth as if to speak before Chomper looked to him with questioning eyes. He spoke anyway, “My lord, Tel’Dar requested we leave him with a few slaves. There is still one human—13931—who has not been accounted for. Should we release the trackers?”

Kilja turned his back to them before replying, “One slave unaccounted for, eh? That is strange… slaves don’t run… slaves don’t fight… slaves only work and die. There’s a variable here we’re not counting for.”
He turned back toward them, “Have the trackers gain his scent from his beddings and send them out immediately!”

The duo rushed off to do as they were told.

Kilja walked back to the window and looked off into the direction of the sands, “it appears this one is doing better than the first one we found… could he be the variable?”

The Introduction of the Bonus Series!

The bonus series is something I find very interesting. I will be starting it this week. There will be no set post time for the bonus series-- it's just something that will occur at random.


What is the bonus series? Thus far, readers have been following the events of the world according to Adam's diary. Of course, this is written in a first person perspective as the reader will learn of events as Adam does through his eyes. The bonus series leaves Adam where he stands and ventures to different parts of the OTMM world. It will be told through a third person perspective, but will coincide with the events occurring in the main plot.

For example:

We last learned on Episode 8 that Adam is preparing to watch a video on a "digital device" given to him by Glenn. What if, between episode 8 and 9, readers are able to observe the events of a Rotundra official in Camp Kilja? Or a Reptilian slave in the house of a Rotundra wive? Or maybe even the events surrounding one of the Four Kings. The OTMM universe is much bigger than what Adam and readers are able to see. These characters, seen through a third-person omniscient point of view, could even show up in the main plot! Imagine now neat it will be to know that while these events are occurring Adam is hiding in a cave waiting for Glenn to return from his hunt.

I feel this will add a new dimension to the story, not to mention the fact that it will be incredibly fun for me to create.

The bonus episodes will tie into the main plot as users navigate through the main episodes, but readers will be given a notice near the top that this is a bonus episode and is not NEEDED in order to understand the events occurring in the main OTMM plot; however, the bonus episodes will shed light on certain aspects of OTMM live, as well as give more insight into certain elements of the story.

I would love to see some comments on this post regarding this idea. Any and all recommendations is greatly appreciated, and don't forget to share, share, share OTMM. The larger the site grows, the more comfortable I am continuing working hard on its contents.


Jonathan Howard