Why Do People Write Sci-Fi?

I'm a nerd.

There I said it.

So, why do people write sci-fi? People write sci-fi for every reason under the sun, but none more important than the reason listed above: personal preference. Some writers enjoy writing mushy love tales that cause young girls to daydream about the ridiculously perfect protagonist. Some might sit down and write a story about a bomb being diffused at just the right moment. Others might turn off the lights and contemplate the plot of the perfect murder mystery.

And then there are people like me.

Dragons, elves, swords, bows, wizards, lizards, ghosts, and superhuman powers… yes, I am that guy.

I assume other people write sci-fi for the same reason I like to write sci-fi—it’s just the genre. I grew up playing games like Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. I immersed myself in films such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I developed this attitude that constituted one simple principle: real life is boring and fantasy worlds aren’t.

I’m also a high school teacher. I’m the teacher who answers questions about Magic the Gathering, or has discussions with my kids about the newest RPG coming out.

Yep, I'm definitely that guy.

I'm the guy who makes it through the mundane by reading about spell slingers, soul stealers, and dragon slayers. Essentially, I make a hobby out of making sure that world I live in is the cooler than the one that’s actually around me.

Why people write sci-fi really just boils down to one undeniable concept: people write sci-fi because they want to share this awesome fantasy world with everyone else. So, if you would like to be “that guy” along with me, take part in OTMM’s sci-fi writing guide, read OTMM, and develop your own amazing adventure.

The OTMM Sci-Fi writing guide will be posted in installments over the next few days. Episode 13 of OTMM will also be released on Friday, May 31st

OTMM Bonus Episode 2

*This is a bonus series episode that takes place elsewhere in the OTMM universe. It occurs between OTMM episodes 10 and 11. It is a bonus to the main plot and is not needed in order to understand the main events.

Kilja held up the severed head of Tel'dar in one hand. He lifted it slowly in front of his face to get a better look. The entire head, both front and back, had a thin layer of dust and dirt. His eyes had swelled nearly out of their sockets and his tongue extended from the mouth and curled several inches to his chin.

Gower and Chomper stood nearby slightly swaying back and forth looking to the ground. They knew better than look into the eyes of their master.

Kilja took in a deep breath-- his chest expanded by nearly a foot-- then he exhaled and dropped the mangled head to the floor.

Without a word, he sat behind a large desk, his tail curling around all four legs near the bottom. Eventually, Gower broke the silence, "He was your brother, my lord. I'm sorry we had to..."

Kilja pierced wildly with fiery eyes. "I care not for my brother!" He exclaimed. Gower hushed immediately.

"This..," he muttered, "This...!" He began to get a little louder, "This is a real problem!" In an instant, his tail uncurled and whipped the head from the floor. Gower and Chomper immediately moved to avoid the hit.

"And you say no one was around when you found him?" He growled. The duo shook their heads.

"Tell me again!" He leaned forward shouting in rage.

Chomper started to speak, but decided against it. Gower shot him a dirty look before noticing this his master was growing quite impatient. "My lord... He was laying on his stomach in a small crater out toward dig site number 12."

"And the slave boy?"

"Not there..."

"And the pod....?"

Gower hushed for a moment before timidly replying, "Empty, sir..."

"Empty! Of course it was!" He slammed his fist upon the table sending random items flying in all directions. "You listen to me! You leave this room and you find that boy! And so help me, if anyone finds out that Tel'Dar might have died to a human, that my flesh and blood was bested by some worthless piece of flesh, I will kill you both myself!"

"Yes, my lord!" Gower muttered before pushing Chomper out the door.

Silence was finally among them. Gower looked to Chomper and took in a deep breath, "Whew! That was almost really bad!"

Gower turned his head as though he was going to leave before turning and violently pushing Chomper down the stair.

His body bounced and he made random squeaks and squeals as every limb mangled themselves against the steps. Laying disoriented at the bottom, he screamed, "What was that for!"

"Next time, you're talking to him! You never talk to him!"

Chomper squeamishly stood to his feet. "No! I'm not stupid! So... what are we going to tell the camp about Tel'Dar? They'll know soon enough unless we cover it up."

Gower thought for a moment, "We'll tell him the Stingers got him...."

Chomper reached up and scratched his head, "You think they'll buy it?"

Gower sighed, "They will... They're probably going to be so depressed that he's gone..."

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