Conducting Free Long Tail Keyword Research for Content Writers

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Long tail keywords are a cornerstone of any online marketing effort. With larger websites dominating the market for primary keywords, the little man has to rely on more focused search queries in order to get a piece of the pie. While many people are interested in the process of long tail keywords, their search for information is typically bombarded by paid services. There is, however, a way for small business owners to conduct free long tail keyword research. Let’s take a look:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is your best friend when conducting free long tail keyword research. While the tool is primarily designed for Google Adwords marketing efforts, it can also be used to determine the general number of searches a long tail keyword gets per month. This information is invaluable when determining whether or not a marketer should focus on a particular keyword phrase.

The keyword tool is excellent, but what if you simply can’t think of anything to write about? That’s where Google suggest comes in. Every time you conduct a new search, Google automatically begins suggesting relevant terms for your search. This is an excellent way for researchers to turn a general topic into a more specific marketing effort and it’s one of the best forms of free long tail keyword research tactics available.

Having competition is never a good thing. In a perfect world, we would rank at the top of Google’s search results for every keyword we focus. Unfortunately, it’s not, and ranking highly for any keyword is a lot of work. However, there is one good aspect to having a little competition—there’s always someone to learn from. There’s always a website out there that’s gaining the type of traffic you would love to have, so simply examine the competition—the keywords they focus and the way they optimize their page- in order to gain a better understating of your market.

With so many tools available to your disposal, using paid tools to conduct long tail keyword research might be a waste of your money. However, time is a different issue all together. Writing articles is a serious investment of time, and some bloggers/web developers would rather spend their time promoting the content they already have rather than writing fresh, new content. In a world where both are necessary in order to keep a steady flow of visitors to your site, it’s possible that hiring a freelance writer is an excellent option for you and your small business.

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