OTMM Bonus Episode 4

*This is a bonus series episode that takes place elsewhere in the OTMM universe. It occurs between OTMM episodes 17 and 18. It is a bonus to the main plot and is not needed in order to understand the main events.

Gower and Chomper stood at the entrance of a long tunnel. They had been hunkered down in hiding since the eruption of cheers and screaming that applauded in its depths. Several small trackers stood at their feet.
Gower finally grew some nerve and stepped over to the edge of the doorway. His dark purple skin and short round frame made him much more difficult to see than Chomper’s pale green hue.

Chomper followed closely behind bumping suddenly against the series of sharp spikes that lined Gower’s outer shell.

“Ouch!” He hissed, giving Gower a slight push.

“SHH! What are you doing?” Gower replied giving him a dirty look before turning his attention back to the doorway, “The trackers seem to think they're in there…”

Chomper, who stood slightly taller than Gower, leaned over his partner and looked.

“What do you think we should do?”

“Duh! We have to report this back to the boss! What if the humans are somehow in league with the petal-dwellers?”

Chomper snorted sarcastically, “That’s not possible.”

“Why? Why is it not possible?” Gower exclaimed definitively.

“Because, they're humans, that’s why. They only know one thing, obey and be eaten. That’s it.”

“Have you forgotten about Tel’dar?” Gower said looking back into the tunnel, “idiot.”

Chomper shook his head and decided to let it go.

A slight pitter-patter in the water caught the duo’s attention. They looked behind them, but nothing was there. Gower breathed loudly while Chomper’s constant shaking sent ripples in the water around their feet. Without warning a long dart came whizzing past sticking into the wall beside them with a thud. Out of the corner of their eye, they could see two tall forms speeding toward them.

“Petal-dwellers!” Chomper screamed, turning to flee. Gower did the same. Both knew their kind didn’t have the speed to escape, but it was something they had to do. They ran as fast as their short, stubby legs would carry them. The trackers, at only nearly a foot in height, took off mindlessly with blazing speed.

Step by step they constantly looked to one another for confidence and comfort. Finally, they stopped just under a small beam of light that came travelling from a crack in the ceiling. They figured they had made into Camp Kilja’s domain.

Nothing was behind them.

They breathed harshly, rapidly looking in all directions around them.

“They're gone!” Chomper said.

Gower shook his head, “No…. they don’t fight in the open. They're waiting for us to get into a darker area. Run! Avoid the shade!  

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