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Dear Reader,

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by OTMM. This blog is something I've long considered doing. I find great satisfaction in giving readers something to look forward to on a daily basis. Finding entertaining and quality content on today's internet can sometimes be more of a pain as the useful and original content gets shuffled through the countless pages of spam.

This website focuses on the most important idea in the world: life and all that's associated with it. Through the use of Adam, the main character in our series, readers will see a character come to grips with what it means to embrace humanity. He will venture through ideas and themes that we commonly take part in everyday, but involuntarily, or sometimes choose, to ignore.

Of Things Man Made is a Sci-Fi/Post Apocalyptic thriller that asks that readers do two things: entertain themselves by momentarily escaping the monotony of reality, and do some soul searching along the way.

We begin things with a message from Adam's journal as he tells us a tale of adventure, enlightenment, and love. I hope you enjoy your time on the site, and don't be afraid to email me, or post here discussing the narrative, or the themes therein.

Thank You

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